The Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences is a scholarly/scientific journal, first published in 2013, by the Portuguese War College, then called Military Institute of Military Studies (Instituto de Estudos Superiores Militares, IESM), and, from 2015, renamed as Military University Institute (Instituto Universitário Militar, IUM).

The Military University Institute is a military higher education institution under the direct authority of the Armed Forces Joint Chief of Staff.

The mission of the Military University Institute comprises teaching, research, cooperation, and interchange, along with community support activities, envisaging the preparation of officers and non-commissioned officers of the Armed Forces and the National Republican Guard, enabling them to exercise the functions assigned to higher ranks, as driven by law, providing the skills required for those functions, through development for the exercise of management, leadership, staff officer and command.

The Military University Institute comprises for Autonomous Universitary Units: the Naval Academy, the Military Academy (Army) and the Air Force Academy, each depending hierarchically on the respective Chief of Staff.

The Military University Institute also comprises the Department of Post-Graduate Studies, the Centre for Research and Development and the Military Polytechnic Unit consisting of the Polytechnic Departments of the Armed Forces branches and The National Republican Guards, which aims to teach non-commissioned officers.

The organization of the Military Higher Education and the IUM statute was approved by decree 249/2015. The creation of the IUM replaced the Institute of Military Higher Studies, created in 2005, that inherited the three former institutes for higher education that provided preparation in career courses and other advanced courses to officers of the Armed Forces in the past: Instituto Superior Naval de Guerra (Navy), the Instituto de Altos Estudos Militares (Army) and the Instituto de Altos Estudos da Força Aérea (Air Force).

Published (on paper and digital format) accordingly to scientific and methodological criteria and on time, starting from its very first issue, the digital format of the Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences has become bilingual (Portuguese/English) since May 2015 and indexed to SciElo since 2017.