Authors’ responsibilities
The Authors that submit a manuscript to the Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences are responsible for:
  1. Assuming word of honor that:
    • Its content is original and genuine;
    • Any work and words of others are properly quoted, credited and referenced;
    • The submitted contents have not been copied nor plagiarized (not in part nor in whole), and results of his/hers own findings and inputs, representing an exact, veracious and objective version of his/hers work;
    • The manuscript have not been submitted nor published completely or partially elsewhere nor is in a publication process elsewhere;
    • In this context, the submission must be accompanied by a declaration of originality fully completed (presented in the Declaration of honor available at Declaration-of-Honor.pdf (;
  1. Identifying the manuscript authorship:
    • Tagging his/hers own affiliation data;
    • When applied, by naming and ensuring that other(s) who have been involved in the planning, devising, conduction and/or data analyzing are properly included as co-authors, and are included in the entire process of submission, that they consensually approve;
    • In this context, the submission must be accompanied by a the article/author identification (available at Identification-Form-article-author.pdf ( fully completed).
  1. Having knowledge of the PJMS editorial policy described in the next guidelines:
    • Manuscripts submitted to the PJMS:
      • Must fulfilled the IUM Author Guidelines (available at IUM Author Guidelines_4th edition, revised and updated.pdf, and are first reviewed by the editor and editorial board in accordance with the compliance of this requirements;
      • That, at this stage, do not comply with these guidelines and principles are returned to the author and accompanied:
        • By a list of the necessary corrections to be made, or
        • By a direct rejection. At his phase, a rejection decision may be taken due to the fact that the manuscript does not:
          • Comply with the publication ethics and principles of the PJMS, and/or
          • Obey with the writing rules of the Journal, and/or
          • Integrates the scope of the Journal, and/or
          • Adds value to scientific knowledge in their field, and/or
          • Have the academic/affiliation qualifications to be published in the PJMS.
        • Are checked for discrepancies using an automated software. Manuscripts violating these legal and academic criteria are rejected promptly. Suspected cases of malpractice or misconduct are dealt accordingly to COPE – Committee on Publication Ethics flowcharts (available at Full set of flowcharts.pdf (;
    • Copyright and Edition. The author of the published work gives the IUM, through a non-exclusive license, the right to publish in any form, including its availability in Institutional Repository. The concession does not invalidate the author of the work to carry out its divulgation though other repositories in Open Access.
    • Articles that completed this above first phase of the evaluation process, are addressed to the double-blind peer review evaluation, where they can receive an evaluation of: “Accepted in its current form”; “Accepted after some revision”; “Should not be published”.
    • Authors are entitled to receive an email informing if their article has been accepted and a file with the reviewers’ comments and suggestions. When applicable (such as the cases of heavily revised and corrected articles), the authors may re-submit their articles amended according to the reports of peer-reviewers or editors. After being reevaluated, articles considered to be:
      • Ill-revised, will be rejected and the re-submission process terminated;
      • Corrected appropriately, will be (re)taken into the process.
    • Authors are entitled to disagree with a certain peer-review correction request, and have the right to inform the editorial board of their reasons of disagreement and/or withdraw their articles from de submission.
    • Articles/authors are not paid, nor fees are charged to authors to submit/publish in the PJMS;
    • In this context, the submission must be accompanied by the fully completed Declaration of Honor.
  1. Informing swiftly the PJMS editors of an important imprecision, fault or inaccuracy in the summited manuscript, and collaborate to promptly rectify this this shortcoming.
  2. Disclosing conflicts of interest (financial or other) that may impact the outcomes or analysis of their manuscript, and disclosing all sources of financial support.
  3. Adopting responsive measures reflected in a behavior that is zero plagiarism, zero deceitful, zero fraudulent, zero illegal, zero carelessly, and zero unethical.