Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement
The Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences is fully committed to adopt the paramount of only accepting contents that respect the principles of scientific research and publication ethics.
Among others, the PJMS defines as a rule of thumb the principles of research integrity, rigor, scrupulous, seriousness, transparency, care and respect for al participants, honesty and originality of the scientific and academic content that publishes, authenticity and recognized added value to relevant literature in the field of Military Sciences.
In addition, the PJMS applies the principles of Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement based on the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors of the Committee on Publication Ethics – COPE (available at COPE: Committee on Publication Ethics | Promoting integrity in scholarly research and its publication).
In this context, the PJMS also commune the highest ethics principles of Cambridge University Press, that takes into account the guidelines and policies of the Committee on Publications Ethics (COPE), namely:
“Anyone who believes that research published by [the Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences] has not been carried out in line with […] the above principles, should raise their concern with the relevant editor or email. [In addition, we] do not tolerate abusive behaviour or correspondence towards our staff and others involved in the publishing process on our behalf. If anyone involved in this process engages in such behaviour we have the right to take action to protect others from this abuse. This may include, for example, withdrawal of a manuscript from consideration, or challenging clearly abusive peer review comments.”
All parts implicated the publishing process (specifically, editors, publisher, authors, and reviewers and the publisher) ought to agree with all the principles presented here, and also available at Publishing-Ethics-Guidelines-and-Responsibilities-of-the-PJMS.pdf (
Contents expressed in the articles published in the PJMS are the personal scientific evaluations and the sole responsibility of the authors and are not, in any way, the institutional and official views of the Military University Institute that edits this Journal.