The Advisory Board is composed by experts in Military Sciences, from the Armed Forces, Security Services and Academic Community. 
The Advisory Board members:
    • Review submitted manuscripts;
    • Advise on journal policy and scope;
    • Identify topics for special issues, which they may guest edit;
    • Attract new authors and submissions;
    • Promote the journal to their colleagues and peers;
    • Assist the editors in decision making over issues such as plagiarism claims and submissions where reviewers can’t agree on a decision;



The Advisory Board members are:

Admiral António Manuel Fernandes da Silva Ribeiro (PhD), Chief of the Portuguese Armed Forces of General Sfaff
Admiral António Mendes Calado, Portuguese Navy, Portuguese Navy (retired)
General José Nunes da Fonseca, Portuguese Army Chief of Staff
General Joaquim Manuel Nunes Borrego, Portuguese Air Force Chief off Staff (retired)
Vice-admiral Alexandre Reis Rodrigues, Portuguese Navy (retired)
Major-general Manuel António Lourenço Campos de Almeida, Portuguese Air Force (retired)
Lieutenant-general Luís Francisco Botelho Miguel, National Director of the Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service
Major-general José Manuel Freire Nogueira (PhD), Portuguese Army (retired)
Major-general Carlos Manuel Martins Branco, Portuguese Army (retired)
Major-general José António Coelho Rebelo, Portuguese Army (retired)
Major-general José Nunes Vicente Passos Morgado (PhD), Portuguese Armed Forces of General Sfaff
Commodore José Rafael Salvado Figueiredo, Portuguese Military University Institute
Brigadier-general Nuno Correia Barrento de Lemos Pires (PhD), Portuguese Army
Brigadier-general Ana Rita Duarte Gomes Simões Baltazar (PhD), Directorate for National Defense Policy of the Ministry of Defense
Professora Ana Isabel Xavier (PhD), Centro de Estudos Internacionais, ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon
Professor Isabel Ferreira Nunes (PhD), National Defense Institute
Professor Laura Ferreira Pereira (PhD), ISCSP – University of Lisbon
Professora Maria Helena Chaves Carreiras (PhD), National Defense Institute
Professor Maria Isabel Vieira Nicolau (PhD), ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon
Professor Maria Luísa Duarte (PhD), Law Faculty, University of Lisbon
Professor Maria Manuela Sarmento Coelho (PhD), Military Academy of the Military University Institute (retired)
Professor Teresa Maria Ferreira Rodrigues (PhD), Faculty of Social Sciences, NOVA University of Lisbon
Professor Armando Manuel de Barros Serra Marques Guedes (PhD), Law Faculty, NOVA University of Lisbon
Professor Eurico José Gomes Dias (PhD), Instituto Superior de Ciências Policiais e de Segurança Interna
Professor Francisco José Costa Pereira (PhD), Universidade Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies
Professor Hermínio Joaquim de Matos (PhD), Higher Institute of Police Sciences and Internal Security
Professor James Sterling Corum (PhD), Baltic Defense College, Estonia
Professor Manuel António de Medeiros Ennes Ferreira (PhD), ISEG – University of Lisbon
Professor Ricardo Soares de Oliveira (PhD), Oxford University
Professor José Luís Rocha Pereira do Nascimento (PhD), ISCSP – University of Lisbon
Professor Seven Biscop (PhD), European Political and Administrative Studies Department, Brussels
Professor Marzena Żakowska, National Security Faculty, War Studies University, Warsaw, Poland
Professor Carlos Miguel Reis Silva de Oliveira e Lemos (PhD), Escola Naval, Portuguese Navy
Professor Francisco Miguel Gouveia Pinto Proença Garcia (PhD), Portuguese Catholic University
Captain Fernando Irineu de Souza (PhD), Escola de Guerra Naval, Brazilian Navy
Captain João Afonso Marques Coelho Gil (PhD), Portuguese Military University Institute
Colonel Luís Fernando Machado Barroso (PhD), Portuguese Army
Colonel Luís Manuel Brás Bernardino (PhD), Portuguese Military University Institute
Colonel Carlos Jorge Ramos Páscoa (PhD), Portuguese Air Force (retired)
Colonel António Luís Beja Eugénio, Portuguese Air Force
Colonel João Paulo Nunes Vicente (PhD), Portuguese Air Force
Colonel Luiz Carlos Fumiaki Miwa (PhD), Universidade da Força Aérea, Brazilian Air Force
Colonel Jaime Flammarion Santos Costa (PhD), Escola de Comando e Estado-Maior do Exército, Brazilian Army
Colonel Paulo Alexandre da Cunha Nogueira Pelicano, Republican National Guard
Commander Federico Aznar Fernández-Montesinos (PhD), Centro Superior de Estudos de Defesa Nacional, Spain
Commander Jaime Carlos do Vale Ferreira da Silva (PhD), Portuguese Navy
Lieutenant-colonel Rui Manuel da Costa Ribeiro Vieira, Portuguese Army
Lieutenant-colonel Francisco Júlio Timóteo Thó Madeira Monteiro, Portuguese Army
Lieutenant-colonel Luís Carlos Falcão Escorrega, Portuguese Army
Lieutenant-colonel Carlos Filipe Nunes Lobão Dias Afonso, Portuguese Army