Publishing schedule and call for papers
The aim of the Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences, within the space of a reputable peer-reviewed journal, is to be increasingly recognized as a reference in the field of military sciences, not only in the national context, but also in the international milieu. A forum of trustworthy reflection, debate and dissemination of academic, scientific and research production, carried out inside and outside the Military University Institute of Portugal.
The Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences welcomes articles in the field of Military Sciences, to look at issues of security and defence in general, and strategy, operations and administration of Armed Forces and National Republican Guard in particular, both nationally and internationally. Special emphasis will be placed on the core elements of Military Sciences, such as: Study of Armed Conflict; Military Operations; Human Behavior; Military Techniques and Technologies. All articles are dependent on peer-review, and the Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences does not assure very brief peer review schedules nor manuscript acceptance.
The PJMS accepts manuscripts written in Portuguese and in English. The manuscripts accepted in Portuguese language are translated into English language by a professional translator. The English version of the translated manuscript is then sent to the author in order for him to check if it is correct and validated it. Only after the author validation, and the approval by the Editor’s, is the translated manuscript published in the Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences.
The deadline for submissions is:
    • February 28/29 – for the May Issues;
    • August 31 – for the November Issues.
Articles/Papers, properly developed according to Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences submission guidelines, ethics and good practices detail in this document, should be submitted to the following email address, and be accompanied by the two forms duly completed, that are available at For Authors.
Open Access Statement: The Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences is an open access journal. The full texts of the articles in this journal are freely available for consultation without charge via this website.