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The PORTUGUESE JOURNAL OF MILITARY SCIENCES (ISSN: 2183-0835) is a double-blind peer-reviewed international journal, published twice a year, in May and November, owned and managed by the Military University Institute of Portugal (in Portuguese, Instituto Universitário Militar), who holds the copyrights.

The PORTUGUESE JOURNAL OF MILITARY SCIENCES is published in two versions, including a digital version is bilingual (Portuguese and English), The printed version integrates the manuscripts in the original language in which they are submitted, either Portuguese or English.

The PORTUGUESE JOURNAL OF MILITARY SCIENCES is published semiannually, in May and November, does not charge any fees, does not pay to the authors for the manuscripts nor the reviewers for their reviews, and does not have serve any purposes of direct marketing, commercial or equivalent advertising.

The aim of the PORTUGUESE JOURNAL OF MILITARY SCIENCES, within the space of a reputable peer-reviewed journal, is to achieve international recognition as a forum of trustworthy reflection, debate and dissemination of academic, scientific and research topics. 

The PORTUGUESE JOURNAL OF MILITARY SCIENCES expects to embrace all the global community, researchers, and scholars, as an international and trustful journal in the area of Military Sciences.

Open Access Statement: The PORTUGUESE JOURNAL OF MILITARY SCIENCES is an open access journal. The full texts of the manuscripts in this journal are freely available for consultation and download without charge.

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 Editor´s note:
With the publication of this 20th issue of Revista de Ciências Militares (RCM) and its translation into English, the Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences, the Military University Institute continues to disseminate ambitious scientific studies in the field of Military Sciences.
This issue of the RCM contains three articles whose scientific value was verified, as in previous issues, through a rigorous process used by all reputed scientific journals, both in Portugal and internationally. First, the articles are appraised by the RCM’s editorial board, after which they undergo a double-blind peer review, before being presented to the editorial direction for approval.
The RCM strives to maintain the quality of its articles, even though this may sometimes mean that they will be fewer in number. Therefore, the three articles published here provide scientifically, methodologically and empirically verified information and data. This issue includes:
  • A study on The Consolidation of Military Polytechnic Higher Education in Portugal, which proposes measures to consolidate the Portuguese model of Military Polytechnic Higher Education, bearing in mind the specificities inherent to Military Higher Education and the applicable legislation.
  • A study on the possibility of extending the measures to prevent addictive behaviours used in the Portuguese Air Force to include online addictive behaviours, titled Prevention of Online Addictive Behaviours in the Portuguese Armed Forces: A Case Study on the Portuguese Air Force;
  • A comparative study on organizational culture, Organizational Climate and Organizational Culture in the Air Force Academy, which surveyed students of the Military Aeronautical Sciences Course and students of the Military Technical Training Programme of the Air Force Academy to identify differences between them and identify dominant “typologies”.
    This issue also includes the Publishing Ethics Guidelines and Responsibilities of the RCM, which the IUM has recently approved as part of the process to improve the quality of the research work produced and published at the Institute.
    I congratulate the authors for the relevance and quality of their work and greet the vast audience of readers of the Portuguese Journal of Military Sciences / Revista de Ciências Militares, to whom I wish an enjoyable reading.
Lieutenant General António Martins Pereira
IUM Commander